Hello, this is Harsha

I am a UI developer, mechanical engineer and a data scientist.

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About Me

Bachelors in Mechanical engineering with distinction, Data scientist by profession,
UI developer by hobby. Learnt it as a requirement for client, in love ever since.

Can learn almost anything!

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.

- Issac Asmov

I was born in Hyderabad, and I am currently living in Bangalore. My life was always been about learning new things. Currently I am learning how to cook.
In college I did a lot of fun and interesting things. Among others,

  • Graduated with distinction in Mechanical engineering.
  • Published a paper on impact of hypersonic flow on aero spikes.
  • Treasurer of SAE (BAJA) club.

But life has wierd ways, and I ended up doing Data analytics in MuSigma. Among other things, I had to learn UI development as part of immidiate client requirement. I was interested in designing websites from when I was young, so I tool the oppertunity to learn formally how to make cool websites. I am still a part of UI development team at office.


Mu Sigma

Data analyst since October 2017. Working at Whitefield, Bangalore office.

B.Tech, Mechanical

Graduated with distinction in Mechanical engineering from Amrita University.

Paper publications

Published Parametric Study of Cantilever Plates Exposed to Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows. in IoP Science.

UI Designer

Proficient in HTML5, AngularJs, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, bootstrap etc. Created websites according to business problems.

Parametric Study of Cantilever Plates Exposed to Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows

Analysis of hypersonic flows associated with re-entry vehicles has gained a lot of significance due to the advancements in Aerospace Engineering. An area that is studied extensively by researchers is the simultaneous reduction aerodynamic drag and aero heating in re-entry vehicles. Out of the many strategies being studied, the use of aerospikes at the stagnation point of the vehicle is found to give favourable results. The structural stability of the aerospike becomes important as it is exposed to very high pressures and temperatures. Keeping this in view, the deflection and vibration of an inclined cantilever plate in hypersonic flow is carried out using ANSYS. Steady state pressure distribution obtained from Fluent is applied as load to the transient structural module for analysis. After due validation of the methods, the effects of parameters like flow Mach number, plate inclination and plate thickness on the deflection and vibration are studied.

Download PDF Research gate

UI Developer

Can understand the business context and create a medium between Business and client.

Can create asthetically pleasing websites that work on all platforms and look the similar on all screens.

Can create creative effective websites with new trends and better visuals.

Current clients

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Sri Harsha Achyuthuni

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